Curriculum Vitae  — ELENA ILINA 

(Ilyina Elena Mikhailovna) was born in Pinsk, Belarus. 


2007 — Moscow State University named M.V. Lomonosov,, Graphic design of media and visual communications
1992 — Vitebsk State University , Art and Graphic Faculty
1986 — Vitebsk Technological College, Fashion designer

Member of the International Art Foundation, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the International Federation of Artists of UNESCO, the National Union of Pastelists of Russia, the International Watercolor Society (IWS) Globe Russia.

The artist’s works are acquired and located at the current expositions of the city galleries in Roma, Narni, Italy; Moscow, Russia; Nice, Falicon, France; Zagreb, Croatia. Her works can also be found in many private collections in America, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and Belarus.



2021 Autumn creative project «Moscow Evenings»,  Moscow, Russia
2020  art project #FACES_2020 | Women from social networks (online, during lockdown)
2019  Art project «States.» (Soulfulloft, Moscow, Russia)
2018  Art project «POINTS OF CONTACT» (Gallery «Romanov Dvor,» Moscow)
2017 Art project «REFLECTIONS» (Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE)
2016 ART&MUSIC Project «SIGNS OF TIME» (Art Gallery Black Dog Red Hills, Moscow)
2015 Solo exhibition «DREAMS» (Gallery Roma, Italy)
2014  Art project «BEAUTY IN EACH» (Central House of Journalists, Moscow)
2014  Exhibition of Fine Art (WP Art Gallery, New York, USA)
2013 Art project «HELLO MARK, HELLO FROM NICE!» (FLACON, Moscow)
2012 Personal exhibition «Roman holiday», Galleria Massimo, Roma, Italy)
2011 Exhibition»Made in Croatia» (gallery Makek, Zagreb, Croatia)
2012 Art project «HELLO MARK!» (Art Gallery Nice, France)
2012 Art project «TREE OF LIFE,» exhibition and presentation of the book «Tree of Life» (House of Russian Abroad, Moscow)
2011  Personal exhibition and presentation of the book «Star Girls,» Central House of Journalists, Moscow
2003-2006 Personal exhibitions, in honor of the International Festival of Arts «Slavic Bazaar» (Vitebsk, Belarus)
2001 City Exhibition (Giovanni Aristei Gallery, Italy, Terni)
2000 Solo exhibition Sogni (Italy, Narni)
1996 First solo exhibition «Dreams» (Art Museum, Vitebsk, Belarus)


2021 Art-project PRIME TIME, Moscow Musical Theater, Moscow
2019 VISIONARY ART TRIP International Exhibition of Symbolic Art «Vigenari Art» (Moscow House of Artists, Moscow)
2016 project «SIGNS OF TIME» (Art Gallery Black Dog Red Hills, Moscow)
2014 Exhibition project «LIVING YARD» (Russia, Moscow)
2014 Exhibition dedicated to the 180th anniversary of I.E.Repin «Genre scene and portrait in the artist’s work» (Exhibition Hall on Pyatnitskaya «Flora,» Moscow)
2014 «ArtWeeks in Italy» — 1st place in the Nomination: Art and Entertainment, International Photography Competition (Venice, Italy)
2014 Exhibition «Spring EXPROMT,» (International Foundation for Slavic Writing and Culture, Moscow)
2014 Exhibition of IMPART-2014 (MGPHA Stroganov, Moscow)
2014 SPRING FESTIVAL «Women in the Art of the Modern World» (Moscow Agricultural Academy, Moscow)
2014 Exhibition «Contemporary Realistic Art. Dedicated to the 180th anniversary of S.M. Tretyakov «(Moscow Art Theater and Cultural Center, Moscow)
2014 COLOR OF THE HOMELAND — Sessions of Moscow artists, XIII season (Gallery «A3,» Moscow)
2014 CHARITY FESTIVAL — AUCTION  (Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow)
2014 International exhibition «At the intersection of sunny roads» (Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia)
2014 «Era of the Romanovs» (Moscow City Duma, Moscow Art Theater, Moscow)
2014 An International Fine Arts Project «LIRICAL FANTASY» (West Park Art Gallery, New York)
2013 Exhibition «In the style of FUSION» (Art Gallery Fusion, Moscow)
2013 Exhibition «CONSONANCE» (Central House of Artists, Moscow)
2012 Art Festival SLAVianski Côte d’Azur (France, Nice)
2012 Personal exhibition «ENERGY OF LIFE» (Red October, Moscow)
2012  Festival of Science and Moscow Design Week (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, Moscow)
2012 «Elements of the Future» (Gallery A3, Moscow)
2012 International Art Colony  (Paradiso Gallery, Rab Island, Croatia)
2010 Russian Arts Week (Moscow, MSA)


2014 — Honorary diploma 1st place, gold medal in the category of fantasy Exhibition of fine arts New York, USA
2013 — Diploma, silver medal «For contribution to Russian art» of the Creative Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2012 — Diploma, bronze medal «For the contribution to domestic culture» Creative Union of Artists , Moscow, Russia


2021 — Published in magazine «Arts & Fashion» №1, 2021 
2021 — The triptych project «BOOK OF LIFE» entered the top finalists 10 open call in Art Muse magazine 7/2021 
2015 — Newspaper publication The Moscow Times (05/15)
2014 — Catalog for CHARITY FESTIVAL — AUCTION «BUY AN ELEPHANT!» (Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow)
2012 — Newspaper publication «ТСХР» (6/12)
1996 — Newspaper «Evening Vitebsk» №25 (034)
1996 — Newspaper «Vitbichi » №10/08


Most of all, I am interested in people as images. In my works, I try to capture not only the face or body of a person but first of all — the beauty of his soul.

We know how to mask our emotions, mood, or attitude. Often all this is carefully hidden, but I see the Soul of man and am able to convey this light on canvas.