Dear Friends, you can buy Open Edition Prints on websites: — Canvas and paper prints at various sizes. The gallery is in chronological order with my most recent paintings first. Not all paintings are available for printing in all sizes. — Canvas and poster prints, prints on clothing, phone cases, and much more. — Canvas and poster prints, prints on clothing, phone cases, and much more. 

You can order a print of the size you need from me directly.

Just send me a message in the «contacts» tab with painting name and size you want to have, on paper or canvas.

The main difference is that when you buy Open Edition Prints, it is all signed by me. I didn’t sign it when you buy from Saatchi Art or Fine Art America.

  1. You can purchase a print of my paintings on paper or canvas. All prints are personally signed by me.
  2. Prints on canvas contain handwritten elements (with acrylics), to give volume to the picture, and they are also signed.
  3. Printing is made on a high-quality canvas.
  4. You can choose a print with any size.
  5. Canvas prints could be shipped on stretchers or in tube.
  6. Prints on paper also sign. Printing is made on art paper with a density of 200 mg/m.
  7. Prints on paper are sent in cardboard boxes, and those bigger than 60×80 are shipped in a tube.